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A press conference with the participation of the President of the Institute of National Remembrance on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the murder of Captain Witold Pilecki - Warsaw, 24 May 2023

Captain Witold Pilecki

The meeting with the media took place at the Museum of Cursed Soldiers and Political Prisoners of the Polish People's Republic in Warsaw. The conference was attended by the IPN President Karol Nawrocki Ph.D., the Director of the Museum Filip Musiał Ph.D, and Zofia Pilecka-Optułowicz, Captain Witold Pilecki’s daughter, who has donated donated objects belonging to her father to the Museum.

The meeting was organized in connection with the official opening of the reconstructed cell where Witold Pilecki was imprisoned to the public. It was from this very cell that he was taken for interrogations which lasted for hours on end. It is also the place from which the communists led Pilecki out for his execution on 25 May 1948. The conference was further attended by the team that carried out the conservation of Witold Pilecki's cell.

"Each stage of Witold Pilecki's life shows us a wonderful, beautiful man, dedicated to God, his homeland and his family" - said President Karol Nawrocki during the conference. Among the memorabilia donated by Zofia Pilecka-Optułowicz was her father's copy of "The Imitation of Christ", by Thomas à Kempis.




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