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The IPN cultivates the memory of renowned Polish women of the interwar period

The IPN cultivates the memory of renowned Polish women of the interwar period

The aim of the IPN’s "Giants of Science PL" educational project is to recall and emphasize the previously marginalized contribution of outstanding researchers of the Second Republic of Poland to global civilizational progress.

The campaign is based on the five-volume publication Polish Contribution to Natural Science and Technology. Dictionary of Polish and Poland-Related Explorers, Inventors and Pioneers in Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology  edited by Prof. Bolesław Orłowski, Ph.D., D.Sc.

The dictionary is being digitized, the biographies of prominent Polish men and women being successively made available on the project website in Polish and English language versions. Among them one can find the biographies of many women, including Maria Skłodowska-Curie.

In the first of our rankings, the IPN has presented only those selected figures active at the time of the Second Polish Republic whose profiles had previously been  presented in the IPN’s 2021 calendar and in short films.

We encourage you to familiarize yourselves with the biographies of other outstanding Polish scientists and to participate in subsequent rankings.

Women are an inherent part of the history of Poland. In no way does the Institute of National Remembrance undermine their role, either in the "Giants of Science PL" campaign, or in its other educational campaigns and publications. Brochures about Zofia, Sabina and Anna Kleczkowska, Grażyna Lipińska, sister Matylda Getter (in several languages), Alina Pienkowska-Borusewicz, Maryla Płońska, Teresa Jadwiga Grodzińska and Agnieszka Wisła have recently been published within the IPN’s "Heroes of Independence" series.


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