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The IPN's statement regarding Tracy Wilkinson's feature in "The Los Angeles Times"

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Poland, as an Allied country, put a huge effort in defeating the German Reich, led by Adolf Hitler. It was the first country in the world to mount armed resistance against Germany's aggression. For this, it paid a huge price during the occupation of all its territory by Germany. Not for a single second of WWII did Poland participate in any acts of German genocide. In fact, the Polish State, after transferring its authorities to the territory of the Western Allies, continued the fight against the German Reich, forming an underground Polish army and fighting on the side of the Allies for the freedom not only of Poland but also of Norway, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. Polish society (including millions of Jews and millions of Poles) was subjected to German genocide. Poles constituted the second largest group (after Jews) murdered by the Germans in the Auschwitz-Birkenau camps. Assigning Poland any complicity in this genocide is falsifying history, covering up the crimes of the Hitler regime, and brutal abuse of the memory of the victims.

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