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Lest We Forget. Memory of Totalitarianism in Europe

Lest We Forget. Memory of Totalitarianism in Europe. A reader for older secondary sool students anywhere in Europe, ed. by Gillian Purves, Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, pp. 288, ISBN: 978-80-87211-79-3



The book is as a joint project of many institutions and organizations cooperating within the Platform of European Memory and Conscience. The Platform is a non-profit organziation bringing together interested public and private entities, such as institutes of national remembrance, archives, museums, memorial chambers and non-governmental organizations, dealing with the history of European totalitarianism. It was founded in Prague in 2011 by the resolution of the European Parliament on European conscience and totalitarianism, and in the same year approved by the Council of the European Union. By May 2013, the Platform  had gathered 37 members from 13 EU Member States as well as Moldova, Ukraine and Canada.

The book is an illustrated collection of 30 remarkable life stories of people affected by totalitarianism from 16 European countries, containing photographs and documents. The purpose of the publication is to educate today`­s young generation about Europe­`s tragic totalitarian past and about the importance of upholding fundamental human rights, freedoms and democratic values in society.

Lest We Forget. Memory of Totalitarianism in Europe

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