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“It’s War…” The Civilian Population in September 1939

This bilingual album is devoted to different aspects of what the civilian population in Poland experienced in September 1939.

„A więc wojna…” Ludność cywilna we wrześniu 1939 r. / “It’s War…” The Civilian Population in September 1939

The book opens with two texts concerning the German and Soviet occupation of the Polish territory, but the photographs are the essence of the album, supplemented by interesting quotations from different sources: documents, reports, memoirs or even school essays. They give us a bird’s eye view of what Poles lived through in September 1939 as if we had participated in those events ourselves. ISBN 978-83-7629-069-0; The Institute of National Remembrance, 2009, A4 format, hardback, pp. 240 


  • Wstęp Marii Wardzyńskiej
  • Jntroduction by Maria Wardzyńska
  • Wstęp Sławomira Kalbarczyka
  • Introduction by Sławomir Kalbarczyk
  • W przededniu wojny / On the Eve of the War
  • „A więc wojna...” / "It's War..."
  • Terror z nieba / Terror from the Sky
  • Wrześniowe drogi / September Roads
  • Represje niemieckie / German Repressions
  • 17 września / 17 September
  • Współobywatele / Co-citizens
  • „Każdy mężczyzna..., każda kobieta” / "Every Man..., Every Woman..."
  • „Warszawę trzeba obronić / "Warsaw has to be defended"
  • Pobojowisko / After the battle
  • Epilog / Epilogue
  • Wykaz źródeł / List of Sources



“It’s War…” The Civilian Population in September 1939

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