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Greater Poland Uprising 1918-1919

Greater Poland Uprising 1918-1919

Scenario of the exhibition: Marcin Podemski

Iconography and documentary search: Marcin Podemski

The graphic concept of the series: Aleksandra Kaiper-Miszułowicz

The artistic concept: Karolina Zielazek-Szeska

Review: dr Piotr Grzelak, dr hab. Filip Musiał


Photographs and documents from the collections of:

Regional Museum in Jarocin,

Poznań Medical University Museum,

Museum of the Wielkopolska Insurgents in Lusowo,

National Digital Archive,

Kórnik Library of the Polish Academy of Sciences,


as well as private collections of Maria Mielcarzewicz,

Katarzyna Prauzińska-Czarnul, Jan Szymański and Wawrzyniec Wierzejewski

Greater Poland Uprising 1918-1919

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