Press release in relation to the detention of Dr Henryk Głębocki in Moscow by the Federal Security Service

The Institute of National Remembrance informs that on 24 November 2017 the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation detained in Moscow Dr Henryk Głębocki, a researcher of the Jagiellonian University and a Cracow branch of the Institute of National Remembrance, who had been conducting scientific research at Russian archives.

The detainee was presented with the decision of 21 November issued by the Federal Security Service on the necessity to leave the territory of the Russian Federation within 24 hours from its receipt, under the threat of forced deportation. The decision, without indicating substantial reasons of the expulsion, and the possibility of complaint, also means a ban on re-entry into Russia.

Henryk Głębocki has been in Russia since 14 November, continuing his research conducted since 1993 on archival and library collections in the field of Polish-Russian relations in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, to which he has devoted a number of his scientific papers so far. At the invitation of the Polish Institute in St. Petersburg, he also delivered two open lectures on the fate of Poles and the anniversary of the "Polish operation" by the NKVD, which was part of the Great Terror in the USSR in the years 1937-1938. The lectures took place at the headquarters of the Petersburg “Memorial” and at the Polish Institute in St. Petersburg on 22 and 23 November.
The decision of the Federal Security Service means blocking the access to archives in Russia, necessary to continue the research conducted by Dr Głębocki for almost a quarter of a century,  which has been primarily devoted to the history of Polish-Russian relations.
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