A visit of researchers from the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure seminar at the IPN Archive

On 28 September 2017 the Archive was visited by a delegation of researchers, taking part in the seminar European Holocaust Research Infrastructure, headed by Jakub Petelewicz from the Polish Centre for Holocaust Research (Polish Academy of Sciences).

During the visit the guests became acquainted with the Institute's resources, history, mission and activities. In addition, they heard a lecture by Dr Marcin Urynowicz on Holocaust-related materials in the resources of the IPN and effective ways of searching for them. Dr Urynowicz also presented the latest IPN publications on the subject.  Ms .Anna Klimowicz from the IPN’s National Education Office talked about her educational project that has successfully brought together former Ravensbrück female prisoners and schoolchildren. Next, the guests had an opportunity to meet with a Prosecutor from the IPN’s Chief Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation Tomasz Kamiński, who acquainted them with the IPN’s prosecutorial division and its activities. The guests also visited the warehouse with Military Documentation and learned about the functionalities of the IPN’s video-comparator.

The last point of the agenda was the Conservation Workshop, where they had a chance to see the specialized equipment and learn about the process and techniques of conservation. They were also presented with a particularly valuable object of renovation work – the original templates of anti-Jewish posters spread by the German propaganda apparatus at the time of German occupation of Poland.



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