A Croatian journalist and winner of the Birn-Balkan Scholarship for Journalistic Excellence is preparing an article about the IPN.

Tamara Opačić, a Croatian journalist, editor of the “Novosti” weekly magazine published in Zagreb, visited  the IPN. Professionally, Ms Opačić deals with human rights, social issues as well as topics related to civil society. The journalist visited the Institute as part of the Birn-Balkan Scholarship for Journalistic Excellence Scholarship Program. Every year, ten selected journalists from the Balkans receive financial and professional support for conducting their own research project. Tamara Opačić is currently preparing  a text about Poland, which will be published in all Balkan languages.

During a meeting with Dr. hab. Sławomir Kalbarczyk, head of the Department of Polish History until 1945 from the Historical Research Office, Karolina Kolbuszewska from the National Education Office, Renata Soszyńska from the Office for Commemorating the Struggle and Martyrdom of the Polish Nation, Joanna Kumor and Dr. Dorota Lewsza from the Division of International Relations, Tamara Opačić was interested in the educational programs of the Institute, especially the VIII edition of the Memorial Stones - "Life for Life" project, dedicated to Poles saving Jews during the Holocaust which took place in Markowa.

She also enquired about the origins of the IPN, the reception of the Institute by the general public, the types of investigations conducted by the Chief Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation and the amendments to the Act on the Institute.

Today’s meeting will serve as a point of reference and source of information for her article which will appear in ‘Novosti’.

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