A visit of international judges and prosecutors at the IPN

On 11 May, the first of four study visits of international groups of judges and prosecutors, trainees of the European Judicial Training Network, who arrived in Poland at the invitation of the National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution, was held at the IPN Archive. The participants included representatives from Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Germany, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary and Italy.

During the visit the guests became acquainted with the Institute's resources, history, mission and activities. In addition, they heard a lecture on the activities of the Chief Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation, with particular focus on the types of investigations conducted by the IPN. The European lawyers were mainly interested in the specific nature of prosecutors' work at IPN, their qualifications, their cooperation with the Public Prosecutor's Office, and the challenges they face in relation with fulfilling the assigned tasks.

In addition, the participants of the meeting expressed their interest in the trial of General Czesław Kiszczak, who was responsible for the preparation and introduction of martial law in Poland. In 2007, the IPN investigative branch office in Katowice initiated a lawsuit against the General, which lasted eight years. It ended with a suspended sentence of two years imprisonment.

The judges and prosecutors also visited the Conservation Workshop, where they had a chance to see the specialised equipment and learn about the process and techniques of conservation. They were also presented with a particularly valuable object of renovation work - one of the volumes of the Dairy of Hans Frank, General Governor in occupied Poland. It contains detailed notes of his work alongside with personal remarks .

Cooperation between the IPN and the National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution as regards the organisation of such visits has been ongoing since 2015.



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