Announcement of the IPN Council – 25 April 2017

On 25 April 2017 a meeting of the IPN Council was held to discuss the implementation of the review of documents contained in a classified, secret collection in the IPN Archive, referred to in Article 19 of the Act of 29 April 2016 on the amendment of the Act on the IPN - KŚZpNP and some other acts (Journal of Laws 2016, item 749).


The meeting was attended by: Antoni Macierewicz, Minister of National Defense, Mariusz Kamiński – Minister  Coordinator of Special Services, member of the Council of Ministers, Prof. Piotr Pogonowski, Chief of the Internal Security Agency, Piotr Krawczyk, Chief of the Foreign Intelligence Agency, representative of Brigadier General Andrzej Kowalski, Chief of the Military Intelligence Service, Piotr Bączek, Chief of the Military Counterintelligence Service and Col. Marek Łapiński, commanding officer of the Border Guard.

On the part of the Institute, alongside the members of the Council, the meeting was attended by: Dr Jarosław Szarek, President of the IPN, Deputy President Dr Mateusz Szpytma, Deputy President Jan Baster, and Marzena Kruk, Director of the Archive.

During the meeting a review of the former classified collection was discussed. It was acknowledged that by 20 May 2017 the ministers coordinating the activities of the services in charge of documents from the former classified collection would have provided recommendations for the possible classification of the selected documents as secret.

Prof. Jan Draus, the Chairman of the Council, thanked on behalf of the Council all functionaries of services and staff of the IPN who had carried out the review of the former classified collection.

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