Pupils from Lawrenceville visit the IPN Archive

On the 10th March the  Archive of the IPN was visited by students from Lawrenceville School (USA). Our guests had the opportunity of meeting  the representatives of various divisions of the IPN: archival, scientific research and educational. They were further able to familiarise themselves with the legal basis, structure and tasks of the Institute. The pupils visited the military documents warehouse, and were particularly interested in the documentation of military intelligence and counterintelligence. They also saw  fragments of authentic footage, relating to, among others, the Warsaw Uprising and the history of post-war Poland. Furthermore, they participated in a detailed  presentation on the life  and activities of Colonel Ryszard Kuklinski. The guests wanted to find out more about the attitudes of Polish citizens and the ways they employed to fight the communist system. The last point of the program was a workshop on the mechanisms of the functioning of totalitarian regime.

Fot. K. Adamów

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