CALL FOR PAPERS: Scientific conference „Polish-Jewish relations in the twentieth century. Research – controversies – perspectives” – Kielce, 3–4 July 2017


The National Remembrance Institute Delegation in Kielce 
History Institute of the University of Jan Kochanowski

invite you to the scientific conference

Polish-Jewish relations in the twentieth century
Research – controversies – perspectives

Kielce, 3–4 July 2017

Polish-Jewish relations in the twentieth century aroused and arouse among historians and specialists in related fields unflagging science interest. The particular popularity among researchers enjoy difficult for mutual relations the times of the German occupation and Soviet and post-war years. Especially in recent years there have been numerous publications concerning the relationship between the two nations, which became famous not only in Poland, causing a lot of controversies. Not only the proposed thesis aroused problems, but also the issues of methodological and source nature. Therefore, we organize a conference devoted to precisely these issues. In particular, at the conference we would like to arise the following areas and research problems:

  1. Methodological attitudes and positions and cultural context, social and ideological in scientific research on the relationship of Polish-Jewish.
  2. Anthropological perspective in historical research on Polish-Jewish relations. Critical remarks.
  3. Problems, disputes, confrontations - around research workshop of the authors concerning the Polish-Jewish issues.
  4. Psychological theories and concepts in research on Polish-Jewish relations. Overview of issues.
  5. Investigative, operational and legal materials of the Stalinist period as a source for historical research on Polish-Jewish relations during the German occupation and the early years of ‘People's Poland’.
  6. Documentation Polish Underground State as a source for the study of the history of Polish-Jewish relations from 1939 to 1945.
  7. Documents produced by the organs of state security in the period of the People's Republic of Poland to the study of the history of Polish-Jewish relations.
  8. Subjective sources: diaries, reports etc. to study Polish-Jewish relations.
  9. Polish-Jewish relations in international publications.

People concerned please report the speech topics including the abstract to 15 May 2017. It is not required conference fee. The organizers ensure that a post-conference publication (print texts should be sent by 30 September 2017).

The organizers reserve the right to select entries and texts sent to print.

Organizing committee:

Dr hab. prof. UJK Jerzy Gapys (IH UJK)
Dr Dorota Koczwańska-Kalita (IPN Kielce)
Dr Ryszard Śmietanka-Kruszelnicki (IPN Kielce)
Dr hab. prof. UJK Beata Wojciechowska (IH UJK)

Secretaries of the conference:

Dr Tomasz Domański (IPN Kielce)
Dr Edyta Majcher-Ociesa  (IH UJK)

Address for correspondence:

Instytut Pamięci Narodowej delegatura w Kielcach
Aleja Na Stadion 1, 25-127 Kielce
Tel. /0-41/ 340 50 50

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