Official statement on the inspection of the first batch of materials secured by the prosecutor of the IPN on 16 February 2016

In accordance with the earlier information provided, on 17 February 2016 the inspection of records found in the late General Czesław Kiszczak widow's house started. After opening the sealed package its contents in the form of a paper parcel containing two files were subject to visual examination.

An envelope addressed „For the attention of Director of the Archives of New Records in Warsaw, confidential" was glued to the package. The envelope contains a handwritten letter of April 1996, in which Czesław Kiszczak informs the Director about the transfer to the Archives of New Records of files documenting collaboration of Lech Wałęsa with the Communist Security Service. The letter is hand-signed by Czesław Kiszczak. The letter, along with a packet containing both files, has never been sent.

Files that have been visually inspected consist of a personal file and a file of work of the secret collaborator nicknamed „Bolek”.

The personal file contains 90 cards of documents. The file is in the original covers. The personal file, which is divided into two parts, contains two lists of contents of the documents. The lists correspond to the actual file contents. In the personal file there is an envelope containing a handwritten Commitment to cooperate with the Security Service signed: Lech Wałęsa, „Bolek”. Among the documents in the file there are also handwritten and signed with the nickname „Bolek" confirmations of receipt of money.

In the file of work of the secret collaborator, containing 279 cards in their original covers, there are numerous reports of the secret collaborator nicknamed „Bolek" and notes of Secret Service functionaries' meetings with the secret collaborator nicknamed „Bolek”. Some of the reports are written by hand and signed with the nickname „Bolek”.

Documents found in both files cover a period from 1970 to 1976. In the opinion of an expert-archivist participating in the activities, the documents are authentic.

All inspected documents are now being accurately described. This operation will be continued today. Immediately after its completion, the contents of the first package will be made available, in accordance with the procedures described in the Act on the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN). Subsequent packets, containing documents secured by the prosecutor of the IPN on 16 February, will be subject to the same formalities, and then gradually made available.

Warsaw, 18.02.2016
Agnieszka Sopińska-Jaremczak
Spokesperson for the Institute of National Remembrance
Institute of National Remembrance
Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation
ul. Wołoska 7, 02-675 Warszawa
phone; +48 (22) 581-87-78/77/76

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