International Holocaust Remembrance Day - 27 January

The International Holocaust Remembrance Day is celebrated on the anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi German concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau. On this occasion, the European Network of Remembrance and Solidarity, together with the House of the Wannsee Conference has prepared a short animated film „Memento,” directed by a Hungarian Zoltán Szilágyi Varga.

The International Holocaust Remembrance Day was established in 2005 by the UN General Assembly to raise awareness among future generations as regards the tragedy of the Holocaust and thus prevent future acts of genocide. More information:

European Network Remembrance and Solidarity was founded in 2005 by the ministers of culture of Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. In 2014 it was joined by Romania. The observer status in the organization was granted to Austria and the Czech Republic. The purpose of the Network is to study, document and disseminate knowledge about the history of the twentieth century Europe and the ways of its commemoration, with particular emphasis on the periods of dictatorship, wars and social opposition to enslavement.

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