“Witness of History” Award opening: March 2015 (deadline expired on 31st July 2015)

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The „Witness of History” Award is an honorary distinction established in March 2009 by decision of the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN)'s President and conferred by the IPN. It is granted to individuals and organisations in recognition of their outstanding contribution to commemorating the history of the Polish Nation and supporting the IPN in its statutory activities in the field of education and research. The laureates comprise a large group of combatants, teachers, social activists and local government officials. The IPN's activities concerns strictly contemporary history of our country in between 1918 and 1989 and for this historical field of Polish history the prize is awarded.
By decision of the IPN President, a new edition has been added to extend the coverage of the award, designed to give special recognition to individuals supporting the IPN's activities among Poles living outside the country.
Nominations are welcomed for individuals and organisations active outside Poland, displaying particular commitment to historical tradition, caring for the preservation, diffusion and enhancement of knowledge, and discovering forgotten facts or people who have rendered great services to the Polish Nation. Posthumous decoration may also be requested.
The award proposal should contain the candidate's particulars, a description of their merits and achievements justifying the award, as well as any available copies of documents confirming those merits and achievements. The candidate's nomination consent should be attached to the proposal (not applicable to candidates nominated posthumously). Please submit only written proposals on the address given below, no later than 31 July 2015 (as determined by the postmark date). In any matters related to the award, please contact Ms Katarzyna Miśkiewicz at swiadek.historii@ipn.gov.pl.
The Institute of National Remembrance
Instytut Pamięci Narodowej
ul.Wołoska 7
02-675 Warszawa

(BEP „Świadek Historii”)


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