International Conference „Modern Forms of Commemoration of Totalitarian Genocide Places” – Warsaw, 14-15 May 2013


On 14-15 May 2013 an international conference dedicated to modern forms of commemoration of totalitarian genocide places will be held in Warsaw. The event will be attended by leading Polish and foreign academic from Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia, Estonia and the United States. The conference is mainly organised by the European Platform Memory and Conscience (PEMC), and co-organized by Institute of National Remembrance - Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation (IPN), Warsaw Rising Museum (MPW) and the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes in Prague (USTR).


RSVP by 10 May 2013, e-mail:,

The conference will be held in Polish and English (with simultaneous translation).




 13 May 2013, Monday

Accommodation of guests


14 May 2013, Tuesday

IPN Educational Center, Marszałkowska 21/25, Warszawa


9.00–9.30 – Registration

9.30 – Welcome: Göran Lindblad PEMC, Jan Ołdakowski MPW, Dr. Łukasz Kamiński IPN, Pavla Foglova, USTR


9.45–12.30 – Session 1: „What is genocide?”

Participants :

  • Dr. Pavel Zeman, Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes (Czech Republic)
  • Dr. Marek Cichocki, University of Warsaw, Institute of Applied Social Sciences (Poland)
  • Prof. Jan Rydel, European Network Remembrance and Solidarity (Poland)
  • Prof. Stefan Troebst, University of Leipzig (Germany)
  • Dr. Patrycja Grzebyk, University of Warsaw, Faculty of Journalism and Political Science (Poland)
  • Dr. Andrii Portnov, Institute for Advanced Study Berlin (Germany)


Dr. Sławomir Dębski, Director, Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding (Poland)


12.45–13.00 – Presentation of the publication issued by the Platform of European Memory and Conscience – Dr. Neela Winkelmann, Managing Director, Platform of European Memory and Conscience (Czech Republic)


13.00–14.00 – Lunch break


14.00–17.00 – Session 2: „How to talk? – modern forms of commemoration”


  • Romulus Rusan,  Director, Sighet Museum (Romania)
  • Gretchen Skidmore, Director, Civic and Defense Initiatives National Institute for Holocaust Education United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (United States of America)
  • Dr. Tamás Stark, House of Terror Museum (Hungary)
  • Žydrunė Šidagytė, Museum of Genocide Victims, Genocide and Resistance Research Center of Lithuania (Lithuania)
  • Dr. Paweł Ukielski, Director Warsaw Rising Museum (Poland)


Dr. Krzysztof Persak, Director of the Office of the President of IPN


17.00 – Opening and sightseeing of the exhibition “Totalitarianism in Europe” created by the PEMC


15 May 2013, Wednesday

Warsaw Rising Museum, Grzybowska 79, Warszawa


10.00–13.00 – Session 3: „How to teach? – education in memorial places”


  • Gundega Michele, Director, Museum of the Occupation of Latvia 1940-1991 (Latvia)
  • Alex Dancyg, Chairman Yad Vashem (Israel)
  • Dr. Levan Z. Urushadze, Director, Museum of Soviet Occupation (Georgia)
  • Prof. Zurab D. Urushadze, Museum of Soviet Occupation (Georgia)
  • Dr. Łukasz Michalski, Deputy Director of Public Education Office IPN (Poland)
  • Dr. Tomasz Kranz, Director of the State Museum at Majdanek (Poland)


Moderator: Dr. Dariusz Gawin, Deputy Director of Warsaw Rising Museum (Poland)


13.00–14.00 – Lunch break


14.00–16.30 – Session 4: „Message for the future”



  • Dr. hab. Rafał Wnuk, II World War Museum (Poland)
  • Vesna Teršelič, Director, Documenta – Centre for Dealing with the Past (Croatia)
  • Andrzej Kacorzyk, Director Museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau (Poland)
  • Dr. Andreja Valič Zver, Director, Study Centre for National Reconciliation (Slovenia)
  • Uve Poom, CEO The Unitas Foundation (Estonia)


Moderator: Göran Lindblad, President Platform of European Memory and Conscience (Czech Republic)


16.45 – concluding remarks – Prof. Adam Daniel Rotfeld, Minister of Foreign Affairs (2005), Chairman of the Council of the Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding, Co-Chairman of the Polish-Russian Group for Difficult Matters


17.15 – Closing of the conference


18.00 – Sightseeing o the Warsaw Rising Museum


The organizers would like to thank the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity for their support in organizing the conference 


 Photos by: Piotr Gajewski


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