Council of Members meeting of the Platform of European Memory and Conscience – Ljubljana, Bled, 14–15 November 2018

Representatives of the Institute of National Remembrance took part in the Council of Members meeting in Slovenia. The IPN is one of the founding members of this organisaton gathering members not only from Europe but from around the world.




On 14 November Dr Władysław Bułhak from the Historical Research Office and Joanna Kumor from the Division of International Relations took part in the accompanying international conference organized by the Slovenian Study Centre for National Reconciliation, also being a Platform member. The conference is entitled “The Dark Side of the Moon: Dealing with the Totalitarian Past: Confrontations and Reflections.”

The culmination of the event was the ceremonial awarding of the annual Prize of the Platform, granted for special contribution made against the reviving totalitarian regimes. In addition, the conference participants visited the former prison of special services in Ljubljana.

On 15 November in Bled, a meeting of the Councul of Members  was held, during which a new Managing Director and a member of the Supervisory Board was elected. Candidacies of five organizations that apply for membership in this international structure were also considered.

The Platform of European Memory and Conscience was established in 2011, and the Institute of National Remembrance is one of the 21 founding members. The goals of the Platform are cooperation for the dissemination of knowledge on totalitarian systems and commemoration of victims of criminal regimes. One of the Platform's projects in which the IPN has been participating actively is JUSTICE 2.0 - the project of establishing an international mechanism for the settlement of communist crimes. The Board of the Platform has unanimously supported the Polish proposal to create an international tribunal that would deal with this problem.


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