"The Volhyn Ballad" by the Nie Teraz Theare

"The Volhyn Ballad" is the first spectacle in Poland that tells about genocide on the Polish population of the Eastern Borderlands during the Second World War, committed by Ukrainian nationalists.


This extremely difficult subject, for many decades unsaid, and unfortunately still misrepresented, is extremely important for hundreds of thousands of Poles: still living witnesses of those events, their families and people interested in historical truth. The script of the performance uses the motifs of the legendary book Zasypie wszystko, zawieje by the great Polish writer Włodzimierz Odojewski (with the consent of the author). The original testimonies of people who survived the genocide of the Poles in the Borderlands, and old songs, including the old Ukrainian melody with contemporary lyrics by Bogna Lewtak-Baczyńska, are also used. Recently the spectacles have been shown in the following Polish cities: Świdnik, Radom, Wrocław, Konin and Bytom (June and July 2018).

Tomasz A. Żak

Script and scenography:

Tomasz A. Żak

Aleksandra Pisz,
Agnieszka Rodzik,
Ewa Tomasik (Voice 1)
Tomasz Lewandowski (Voice 2)
Narrator: Jerzy Pal

Ryszard Zaprzałka

Museum of Independence in Warsaw, 23, 24 May 2011

the L.Solski Tarnowski Theatre, 28, 29 June 2011

Special thanks for:
Fr. Tadeusz Isakowicz-Zaleski, Ewa Siemaszko, Romuald Niedzielko and Wiesław Tokarczuk.


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